Sutter Home Red Moscato

750ml Bottle

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    Sutter Home
    Trinchero Family Estates, Inc.
    11% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Not quite red and not quite white, Sutter Home Red Moscato Wine brings together the best of both worlds. Fresh strawberry and cherry aromas reveal sweet berry flavors complemented by hints of rose petal on the palate. Its luxurious, creamy mouthfeel is beautifully balanced by a vibrant, refreshing finish. For this Red Moscato, winemakers bring together sweet Moscato and fresh, fruity Syrah to create a delightfully refreshing blend. To give the wine its pretty, dark pink color, winemakers allow the skins and juice to mingle for 24 hours. The wine is then cold-fermented at 55°F and aged entirely in refrigerated stainless steel tanks to preserve fresh, fragrant aromas and bright flavors. Sutter Home Red Moscato is a perfect match for both savory and sweet foods. Served well-chilled, its lightly sweet flavors, and crisp finish deliciously contrast with the spicy Caribbean or Thai flavors. And for a beautiful conclusion to any meal, sip it with a fresh fruit tart, or berry pie, still warm from the oven. It pairs well with glazed ham, spicy meatballs, cranberry stuffing, chicken salad, and even cherry cobbler pie with vanilla ice cream. It is the wine for all seasons and holidays. Enjoy!