Patron Gran Piedra Extra Anejo Tequila

750ml Bottle

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    Bacardi Limited
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Patron Gran Piedra Extra Anejo Tequila is an incredibly unique tequila, crafted exclusively from the ancient Tahona process. It has then aged for over three years for a rich and balanced taste. It is robust and full-bodied - in many ways, comparable to bourbon or scotch while maintaining tequila characteristics. The mix of American oak and French oak barrels used in the aging process creates sweetness and a hint of dried fruit flavor.

    This Extra Anejo Tequila has a deep mahogany color. The aroma offers fresh fruit and mushroom with hints of toasted French oak. The taste is sweet yet complex with notes of agave, vanilla, and mushroom. The finish is smooth and long-lasting.

    The premium tequila comes in a distinctive crystal bottle in an elegant box. Everything about the experience of drinking a Gran Patron Tequila is luxurious – from the design and feel of the bottles to the beautiful weighted stoppers that top them. And of course, the tequila inside. Gran Patron Piedra has meant to be sipped neat or mixed into an incredibly sophisticated Old Fashioned. Enjoy!