Emodka Emoji Vodka

50ml Bottle

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    Emodka Vodka
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Emodka Emoji Vodka is a social media sensation. It is a French Vodka distilled five times for purity and taste. Emoji is the single most widely used, the iconic image known today, with 6 billion emoticons being sent globally. Emodka Vodka is a global icon, the symbol of new generations, and now prior generations, which creates a sense of fun. It is available in 50ml counter units.

    The iconic smiley faces are printed onto a ball-shaped bottle, while you can get to the vodka through the bottleneck on the other side. The familiar bright yellow faces that we know and love from social media are now coming to your home. Turn up with Emoji Vodka to transform any gathering into a party! It is perfect for giving as gifts or appreciating your cocktail. Enjoy!