Carlo Rossi Blush

4L Bottle

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    Carlo Rossi
    E & J Gallo Winery
    9% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Carlo Rossi Blush Rose Wine is a crisp, refreshing summer wine with flavors of fresh strawberries and sweet cherries. It combines a light, crisp mouthfeel with subtle flavors of fresh fruit. Overall, this is a bright and very refreshing wine with a clean finish. Blush wines are wines that are not truly red but have enough of a reddish tinge to make them assuredly not white. People around the world are drawn to the crispness and light-body of Rose wines. They are very refreshing in hot weather, leading to them being often referred to as "summer wine." Carlo Rossi Blush pairs well with Gazpacho or other chilled summer soups. For forty years, people have been enjoying Carlo Rossi's unpretentious, fruit-forward wine in a jug. Enjoy!