Brady's Irish Cream Liqueur

750ml Bottle

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    Castle Brands
    17% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Brady's Irish Cream Liqueur is made in a small batch process with extraordinary attention to detail. The cream used is produced locally from the rich dairyland, and Brady's is bottled within 48 hours of the cream reaching the distillery. Brady's Irish Cream Liqueur is made in small batches from locally sourced, fresh Irish cream and single malt Irish whiskey. The natural flavors of dark chocolate and vanilla combine to give Brady's a distinct, lush, full taste. You will enjoy its satisfying satiny texture and surprisingly lightweight body. Brady's Irish Cream Liqueur has pronounced notes of milk chocolate and vanilla extract on the nose, which lead to bittersweet coffee and malt flavors on the palate. The finish, not overly sweet, is creamy and lush with notes of butterscotch candy. Brady's full, rounded flavor and silky consistency make it an irresistibly mixable ingredient for creamy cocktails, sipped neat or on the rocks. Enjoy Brady's Irish Cream Liqueur chilled, on ice, or mixed in a delicious cocktail!